July 2015 | Rikudou Gaming

Kurosaki Ichigo - Bleach [G.E.M. MegaHouse Figure]

Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach
► Manufacturer: MegaHouse
► Classification: G.E.M.
► Version: Bankai ver.
► Release date: 2011-09-12


Heavensward: Monk Abilities Visual Effects

This is a video compilation of the Monk abilities visual effects in Heavensward.

Heavensward: Twintania Mount [Recruit a Friend]

The Twintania Mount is now available in game to purchase for 15 Gold Chocobo Feathers through the Refer a Friend program. This flying dragon can do a 'barrel roll' in the air.

"Summon forth Twintania, an ancient wyvern who secretly dreams of freedom...and devouring you."


Faraam Knight - Dark Souls II [Bandai Namco Figure]

Faraam Knight from Dark Souls II
► Manufacturer/Distributor: Bandai Namco
► Version: Collector's Edition
► Release date: 2014-03-11


Heavensward: The Burden of the Father - The Manipulator [Alexander Raid]

This is footage of the boss encounter in The Burden of the Father; The Manipulator.

Heavensward: The Arm of the Father - Living Liquid [Alexander Raid]

This is footage of the boss encounter in The Arm of the Father; Living Liquid.

Heavensward: The Cuff of the Father - The Gordian Goblins [Alexander Raid]

Phisix and I continued in the Alexander Raid - This is footage of the boss encounter in The Cuff of the Father; The Gordian Goblins. This boss event was a little different and we completed it on the first try.

Heavensward: The Fist of the Father - Oppressor [Alexander Raid]

Phisix and I ventured into the Alexander Raid for the first time. This is footage of the boss encounter in The Fist of the Father - Oppressor.

Cecil Harvey - Final Fantasy IV [Dissidia Trading Arts Vol. 2 Figure]

Cecil Harvey from Final Fantasy IV
► Manufacturer: Square Enix
► Version: Dissidia Trading Arts
► Release date: 2011-02


Heavensward: Behemoth Heir Minion

"Summon your behemoth heir minion, currently forty-seventh in line to the behemoth throne." Purchased with 400 Clan Hunt Seals in Ishgard.

Heavensward: Monk Gameplay [Level 59]

A little bit of random gameplay of my Monk at Level 59.

Heavensward: Griffin Hatchling

The Griffin Hatchling is a minion purchased with 400 Centurio Seals.

Heavensward: PowerPoint Keypoints - Producer LIVE Part XXIII

FINAL FANTASY XIV © 2010-2015 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Powerpoint Keypoints from - Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXIII - Content Release Schedule, Alexander: Gordias (Savage), Two Year Anniversary, Moonfire Faire, Eorzea Café, Before the Fall: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack, Carbuncle Plush - pre-orders soon!, Heavensward T-shirts & Gamescom.


Heavensward: Ishgardian Barding

A full-plate suit of Ishgardian chocobo armor, purchased with 350 Centurio Seal's.

Heavensward: Monk Gameplay [Level 54]

As Monk is currently my favourite class in the game, it is the next class I want to level to 60 - I just got my new Chakra ability, which turns out to be quite cool and good to use during downtime.

Heavensward: Midgardsormr Mount

Midgardsormr is most likely the first dragon mount that you'll be obtaining in game, which unlocks in relation to the aether currents in Azys Lla.

Heavensward: Machinist & Dark Knight Gameplay [Level 58]

Machinist and Dark Knight gameplay from the Dravanian Hinterlands.