July 2014 | Rikudou Gaming

Cyclone Hoverboard

Hey guys! So this time around, Phisix is showing off the Cyclone Hoverboard mount. The Flair's are optional and bought separate from the hoverboard itself; Front Flair, Rear Flair and Side Flair.


Level 50 Medic Battleground PvP

I was PvP'ing some when I was levelling up my Medic and felt that it was time to check it out at 50!


Retroblade Mount

Hey guys! So this time we are taking a look at the Retroblade Mount! This vehicle is obtainable by having the 2-Step Verification on your account.


Exile Explorer Cutscenes

This is a compilation of the Exile Explorer Cutscenes that I recorded while levelling, I found the surroundings very beautiful at times! Unfortunately 2 cutscenes are missing due to them bugging out and not activating. Links to each zone in the video description.


The Facesnuggler Costume

The Facesnuggler Costume is a present from Carbine which was gifted to everyone today that had an active subscription. You can find this item in the Account Inventory.


Moodie Mask Costume

This video is showing how and where to obtain Tamolo's Mask for both the Dominion and Exiles.


Soldier Path Costume & Mount Customisation

This video is showing what the Exile Soldier Path Costume & Mount Customisation parts looks like in game!


EU gets Rest in Piecemaker

EU finally gets the Rest in Piecemaker!


Strain Costume & Strain Emote

This video is showing what the Strain Costume looks like in game, along with the awesome Strain Emote!