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WildStar: Music - The Cold Science of Supremacy

The Eldan race were the most powerful on Nexus. They have all vanished and left their technology for the Dominion and the Exiles to find!

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The time it takes to wait.

I'm sure you all know the feeling of waiting for something. We are nearly past February and entering March and therefore spring - which is supposed to be the time for WildStar. Mind you spring is ranging through 3 months and the beta testing is in full go.

The press is getting access to show more from the game now and supposedly end game testing is ongoing. If I were to guess when WildStar will be released I would put my money on May, as it gives them a couple of more months if they would host open beta roughly a month before release.
The internal testing team from Carbine Studios should be a few builds ahead of the rest of the testing, which hopefully means less bugs!

What I'm looking forward to the most with WildStar - apart from it being an MMO, is the comical aspect of the game. The art style in combination with the humor is appealing to me as a player. I know this style won't appeal to everyone, but I reckon it will for many ex WoW players.

Some of you might be aware, I was originally set on be playing ESO. After beta testing it though I was left severely unsatisfied and disappointed. I guess my expectations were set too high, but considering the company name and the game title it brings on, the expectations had to be high! Their decisions regarding the collector's edition and the Imperial race along with its racials were just.... a facepalm would be suitable over that decision. Their public apology isn't exactly making things better, nor does their pre-order bonus where any race then can play for either faction - removes the entire point of factions.

I am excited to see what WildStar's different editions will bring and I hope they will be announcing pre-orders very soon along with a release date.

I reckon some people do expect too much from MMORPG's these days - they can't change all too much in the MMO aspect and people always seem to dislike the leveling process in which there can't really be many changes made to either. It's easy to dislike and not come up with any ideas on how to improve it.

The chase to get to the end game feels pointless in my opinion - people should try and take their time and experience everything at their disposal while they are leveling up. People rush and get to the end, burn through it and then criticise that there isn't enough things to do. I can understand if you have leveled a couple of alts on the side of your main character that you want to get to the end - but WildStar will be providing slightly different experiences thanks to the path system with the Explorer, Settler, Soldier and Scientist.

Bring on WildStar, we are waiting!


WildStar: Adventures Disclaimer Code

The latest DevSpeak video was released for WildStar, along with a new Disclaimer Code!


WildStar: Music - Justice Doesn't Always Wear a Badge

We are all eager to get more information on the table, hoping that upcoming Spring will be a bundle of joy! Are you looking forward to WildStar?

All rights reserved to respective owners. The music is composed by Jeff Kurtenacker.


WildStar: Music - Defend the Gates

Dungeons, raids, elder game, challenges and adventures. PvP battleground, arena and warplots. What will be your focus in WildStar?

All rights reserved to respective owners. The music is composed by Jeff Kurtenacker.