July 2013 | Rikudou Gaming

Dragon's Prophet: Rapid Thunder [Tips & Tricks]

Tips & Tricks for the unaware. Looking at the Oracle ability; Rapid Thunder - Level 70 Wintertide patch.


Dragon's Prophet: Level 66 Oracle [Gameplay]

I am back after moving irl and are now working towards the new level 70 cap in Dragon's Prophet! The new content patch came out recently, so I'm looking forward to checking out Wintertide fully!

This video consists of a bit of random gameplay from my level 66 Oracle together with Phisix.


Dragon's Prophet: Character Emotes

This video is a compilation of the emotes that became available in the latest patch, which brought Dragon's Prophet 18 emotes for your character.

Please note that the sparkly hair is currently a game bug.

| Character Emotes List |

► Angry
► Applause
► Agree
► Beg
► Bow
► Call
► Love Confession
► Cry
► Disagree
► Cheer
► Laugh
► Command
► Provoke
► Salute
► Surrender
► Tease
► Think
► Wave


Dragon's Prophet: Neo Armor Set

Showing the Neo Armor Set on the male model. This is the first costume I've made myself through in game items, which is inspired by the Oracle Character Creation preview gear.

I have named this costume the Neo Armor Set because nearly each piece ends with 'neo' in its name.

Please note that the sparkly hair is currently a game bug.

| Costume Item List |

► Chest - Poroneo Cloth Armor
► Shoulders - Poroneo Wrap
► Cloak - Boloeno Cloak
► Gloves - Poroneo Grips
► Legs - Poroneo Battle Pants
► Boots - Poroneo Soft Boots
► Scythe - Laurel Great Scythe



Next week I will be absent and videos will be on hold as I will be moving - but I will be back as soon as I can and it shouldn't be more than 7 days.


Dragon's Prophet: Oracle [PvP]

Oracle point of view from the Guild vs Guild event between Explorers and Apocalypse. This was recorded at level 60 in Open Beta.


Dragon's Prophet: Guild vs Guild [PvP]

Explorers vs Apocalypse in Guild vs Guild. All footage in this video recorded by Phisix, at level 60 in Open Beta.


Dragon Spotlight #20 - Midnight Shade [Spawn Point Included]

Dragon's Prophet: Dragon Spotlight #20 - Featuring the Legendary Dragon Midnight Shade along with his spawn point.

Please note that Midnight Shade could potentially have another spawn point - which by my own theory would be the other point he is pathing to.


Dragon Spotlight #19 - Jade Soul

Dragon's Prophet: Dragon Spotlight #19 - Featuring the Legendary Dragon Jade Soul.


Ghost Adventures #5 - Desert Ding [Ranger Gameplay]

In this episode, Ghost is wading through the Korhala desert and hits level 60!


Dragon Spotlight #18 - Blackblade

Dragon's Prophet: Dragon Spotlight #18 - Featuring the elite Dragon Blackblade.


Dragon's Prophet: Apartment [Stage 3]

This video is showing the third stage of an apartment - at the present time. This is the largest expansion that you can get apartment wise, which is purchasable with gold. Thank you Uyamata for letting me into your home!


Aatrox the Darkin Blade

Showing Aatrox classic skin, emotes and abilities in League of Legends.


Dragon Spotlight #17 - Corrupted Knight

Dragon's Prophet: Dragon Spotlight #17 - Featuring the unique Dragon Corrupted Knight.


Dragon's Prophet: Apartment [Stage 1]

This video is showing the first stage of an apartment. You are able to expand it twice by investing more gold.


Midnight Shade

I managed to find Midnight Shade out in the wild tonight, very stunning dragon!


Dragon's Prophet: Ghost Adventures #4 - Back to Beast Mode

Ghost is dressed back into his awesome looking beastly Dragonfire Armor Set. Whilst I like the Intrepid Corsair Armor Set, it is always nice with a change so now and again! I stopped to tame a few Wynnadia Dragons and finished off the zone with events and quests.


Dragon Spotlight #16 - Shrouded Carnage

Dragon's Prophet: Dragon Spotlight #16 - Featuring the Legendary Dragon Shrouded Carnage.