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Dragon's Prophet: Devouring Ashwing Dragon [Spoiler Alert]

We ventured into the Juno Crystal Gallery dungeon and found ourselves pleasantly surprised at how they've improved the encounters to their proper state.

As it is open beta, it is still a beta and there are things that still need improvement - we nonetheless enjoyed it very much!

This video is of the last encounter - Please note title; Spoiler Alert.


Immortal Seraph Armor Set

Showing the Immortal Seraph Armor Set on the female model in Dragon's Prophet.

It is available to purchase from the in game store with diamonds. Please note that the Darksteel Shield and Morgath's Might are not part of this set - they are exclusive to the Founders Pack.


Dragon's Prophet: Arynas' Offspring

Me and Phisix were clearing Arynas Lair and I decided to record the last boss as I think this is one of the first better looking encounters you see around level 30 - it feels like its the first proper dragon you get to fight!


RuneWake Dragon & Dragonfire Armor

Showing the Founders Pack RuneWake Dragon and Dragonfire Armor in game in Dragon's Prophet on both Male and Female character.


Dragon's Prophet - Open Beta

Open Beta is almost here - it starts for the Founders tomorrow on Wednesday the 29th at 2pm CEST and officially on Thursday the 30th at 2pm CEST.

I for one is really looking forward to Auratia filling up with adventurers! After playing the Closed Beta I am very pleased with the game I've seen so far and can't wait to see the rest!

There appear to be 3 European servers available for the launch;  European/English, German and French.

If you haven't seen this game yet and wish to know more you can find their website here: Dragon's Prophet Europe

Enjoy the game and I'll see you in Auratia!


League of Legends Skins

The variety of skins available for the Champions in League of Legends are quite impressive. I don't get tired of playing the first characters I unlocked as I can make them look really quite different!

So far I have focused on Fizz, Volibear and Shyvana - if Twisted Fate had his Underworld skin available still, it would probably have been one of the first ones I unlocked as he looks fantastic with the detailed model and effects. Alas, the rarity of the skin as it isn't available anymore is also something that draws peoples attention. Maybe they'll make it available again for the next Halloween, one can hope!

When I go to unlock a skin or even a character, I browse through the classic skin as well. Take Volibear for example, the classic skin for him is actually great and I was hesitant to unlock Runeguard for him, but they are definitely the best skins available for Volibear in my own opinion. The armguards on Runeguard Volibear is probably what made me unlock it, but Volibear as a polar bear is just awesome!

I tend to play with some champions with their classic skin when they aren't being in the weekly rotation.

I unlocked Shyvana recently, she's not so powerful in the beginning of the game but with a few kills its changed quickly. The classic skin for her is quite impressive and that the dragon is changing along with the other skins such as Darkflame is very impressive; from red armored dragon to a black dragon. It is probably the next skin I will be unlocking.
Not to mention I have a bit of a Dragon's Prophet fever, so dragons are very appealing!

This is my League of Legends playlist so far - click here -

Dragon's Prophet: Armageddon

As I have taken an interest in the new Dragon's Prophet game I wanted to share a little of my experience guys!

This is Armageddon which marked the end of the Closed Beta in Dragon's Prophet. I did my best capturing every angle of this awesome epic event and I'm going to go as far to say that this was the best closed beta ending I've taken part of.


Dragon's Prophet: Dragon Journal

Compilation of information for the Dragons in Dragon's Prophet. I hope you enjoy the reading, and feel free to leave any feedback!

This journal has been added to my 'Video Guides' tab.


New Chapter - New Blog!

I decided that it was time for a change and expansion as I want to write about more games than just World of Warcraft, so this blog is related to my YouTube Gaming Channel - Rikudou Gaming.

World of Warcraft had its era in my MMORPG gaming history but as that chapter is now ending for me, another one starts!

All in all - this blog will be featuring my journeys and guides throughout any game that I am currently playing and that draws my attention.

Welcome to my new Blog! I hope you enjoy the coming reading.